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Fair President's Welcome

Welcome to this year's fair! It is sure to provide fun and unique learning experiences in a family friendly environment. The Clover Rover, Durham's Antique Farm Museum, and Kids' Barn await you at the 2012 Middlesex & New Haven County 4-H Fair. Our biggest goal is to make sure young and old alike have a great time. Not sure where to start? Have a look through this year's fair book and you will be sure to find something that suits your fancy.

We, the 4-H Fair officers and members, have been working hard to make this fair one of the best we've ever had. We couldn't have done it without our mentors, families, and the folks at The Durham Agricultural Fair association. Thank you all for your time, support, and the investment you've made in the lives of America's youth.


Dan Blizman

2012 Middlesex & New Haven County 4-H Fair President


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