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Fair President's Welcome

Welcome to the Middlesex and New Haven County 4-H Fair. An adventure that began back in 1924 and is still going strong after 83 years! I want to thank the youth officers, mentors, advisors, volunteers and 4-H staff that put hard work and countless hours into making our youth run fair a success. I also want to thank everyone who financially contributed to the fair this year either through the ad campaign, donations or other means. In this financially challenging time your support is greatly appreciated and will have a lasting impact.

The 4-H youth have put a tremendous amount of work into their projects. Please take the time to stop by the Home Arts Barn,Agricultural Barn and Llama Barn to see all the great exhibits. Then join us for the Friends and Family Dinner, auction and a variety of other fun activities and entertainment around the fair grounds this weekend. I wish everyone an enjoyable and successful 83rd 4-H Fair!


Nathan Sandoval

2009 Middlesex & New Haven County 4-H Fair President

dogs sculpture exhibit

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