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Fair President's Welcome

This year is a great year to be a 4-H officer; there are many tasks that we must complete. I believe this team can get it done successfully. I am confident that this year will run as well as it did this past year, our team will do everything it can to ensure a great year. 4-H is a wonderful organization. I believe that the 4-H years are your best years of your life. You have opportunities available to you as an active 4-H member that no one else has. Learning leadership and citizenship skills are two keys to success in life. I hope that everyone gets a chance at what ever makes them happy. As 4-Hers we all know that everyone looks up to us, adults, teenagers, and children! They all know that we are here to better our country, and to teach youth whatever they desire. We teach the public in a way that everyone understands. Displays comparing parts of a sheep and cows inform and educate everyone. Displaying our work that we took hours to perfect from needlework to baking pies is impressive. I know they all appreciate what 4-Hers do for our communities. Not only do we teach through educational exhibits, we make sure that everyone has fun! From petting a cow, participating in the kid's barn, to watching the tractor pulls, we as a team try hard to have everyone from all ages to be happy at our 4-H Fair.


Jane M. Baker

2008 Middlesex & New Haven County 4-H Fair President

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