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President's Welcome

We would like to welcome you to the 2005 Middlesex and New Haven County 4-H Fair, on behalf of our President Robert Stannard. We are all so proud of Bob for joining the Armed Forces, and we know his time with us has been sacrificed for a "greater cause". Bob would want you to know that all of our members have worked hard this year, in their chosen projects, doing community service and gaining priceless leadership skills through the 4-H program. He would want to thank all of our adult volunteers for their tireless energy, patience and tutelage. He would want you to know how proud he is of our officer teams, not only for doing their jobs for this year's fair, but for doing a large portion of his as well. Our Vice President Russell Baker truly had no idea that 2005 would present a whole new leadership experience.

The 4-H Fair and 4-H program in general prepares young people to make difficult choices and tough decisions. The leadership they gain through the learning process is invaluable. As educators we would like to think this played a small part in Bob's dedication to his country, and his willingness to serve. All of our members, volunteers and alumni are a source of pride for us and your attendance at the fair will be a result of years of hard work.

As a casual fairgoer, enjoy the timeless setting our fair represents. Enjoy the simple things like admiring crafts work, looking at animals, or watching the tractors, dogs or horses. Learn a thing or two by looking at the educational displays and revel in the wonder that the entire event was planned for you by our youth members. There is so much to see and we want you to enjoy every minute of your time with us. So on behalf of Bob and our entire officer team...

Welcome to the 2005 Middlesex and New Haven County 4-H Fair!


Emily McCabe Alger and Margaret Grillo

4-H Staff, Middlesex & New Haven County 4-H Programs

The Middlesex and New Haven County 4-H Fair Association in Connecticut
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