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Fair President's Welcome

Welcome to the 2007 Middlesex and New Haven County 4-H Fair!

This has been an exciting year to be an officer, as we have had several major changes, our most prominent being the successful move of our horse show. The new changes and ideas took countless hours of hard work and preparation, a daunting task for anyone. All of the officers and their mentors met the challenges before them and went above and beyond what I expected. i am confident that our fair will run smoothly and be both enjoyable for exhibitors and spectators.

On that note, 4-Hers are well known for their strong community ties and sportsmanship that few adults can muster. This past year our premier showmanship contestants taught each other more than just showmanship. They took the time to learn from each other about the care and raising of their own projects. Fellow 4-H members, this year I urge you, wether you are a premier showman or not, go up to an exhibitor at our fair and learn from them! They will be happy to teach you why certain cattle are polled, how dogs are shown, what a llama is used for, how to develop your own photographs, and any other aspect of agriculture or 4-H endeavor you want to learn about.

I wish all our exhibitors the very best of luck, and I hope that our fair proves to be both educational and enjoyable for all!


Kara Trojanowski

2007 Middlesex & New Haven County 4-H Fair President


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