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The Middlesex and New Haven County 4-H Fair

Thank you for coming out to our 4-H Fair! There are more 4-H Fairs in August and Connecticut's Fair Season continues into October.

drawing of animals along a fence D

drawing by Stephanie

The Middlesex and New Haven County 4-H Fair

Get the schedule of events for Fair weekend!


The Poultry Show was a highlight of Friday evening's schedule.

Just a prediction, but its usually cool and comfortable after a summer rain.


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Updates continue on the 4-H Fair Facebook page. Also, there is a link to Rachel Footit's mechanical pull photos from UConn's 4-H Facebook page.

A few of the many animals shown at last year's 4-H Fair. Come see them for yourself at the fairgrounds in Durham!

Supreme Champion dairy cowllama
poultry showmanSupreme Champion Goat